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The Single Most Important First Step for Business Success

People are looking for solutions online. marketing can seem complicated, but it is really a process of connecting with people looking for the solution you provide.

We all have problems or struggles in our lives that we want to resolve. Sometimes, we know how to fix them, but often we do not. The good news is that other people have had those same problems and struggles and developed solutions for them. Even better, we can find many solutions online with the rise of the internet.

Marketing Helps Them Realize What is Possible

A major challenge for many healers, teachers, and creators starting their marketing is bridging the gap between the prospect’s understanding of what is possible and what they can provide.

For example, an acupuncturist, skilled chiropractor, or craniosacral therapist can help people with back, neck, and joint problems avoid surgery fairly often. Not everyone, of course, because there are different problems that arise, but a surprising number can be resolved naturally with consistent effort and patience.

However, the mindset of the average person in pain is fear of continued suffering and mistrust of anything that isn’t officially sanctioned by western medicine. So how does a healer who can improve their lives dramatically get this message across?

Content Marketing Creates Avenues for Customers to Find You

It doesn’t happen all at once, and not everyone will understand, but this is the power of content marketing. By providing consistent content on channels that are comfortable for you (blog, video, podcast) and sharing real stories of what your product or service can accomplish for people, you build awareness. People looking for specific solutions can come across your content and have their lives opened to a new and better option.

This process takes time and consistent effort, just like healing does. There are overnight successes but as the exception not the rule. For this reason and others, there is one crucial element to creating a thriving business that must not be overlooked.

Self-Care is Even More Important Than Marketing

Few people will tell you this, but self-care is the most critical thing you can do to build your business.

This is particularly true for healers and creative people because the quality of your product or service depends on your well-being. If you are worn out, frustrated, or chaotic the quality of your work goes down.

Successful marketing and success in business require consistency. Good self-care habits ensure you can show up day after day and deliver to your customers. Satisfied customers bring new people to your business.

As your business grows, a solid foundation of self-care makes sure you can step up to the demand. It helps you avoid stagnation and burnout.

Good self-care habits include taking time off, doing things that rejuvenate and inspire you, and also making sure your personal relationships are in balance.

Enjoy the Journey and the Destination

The gifts you have to share through your business are like the seed of a mighty tree. At the start, it’s only the potential of a tree.

But with good soil, water, and sunlight it will steadily grow, year after year, into something significant that impacts the lives of those around it. You will not even see the full impact of what you’ve created. You are in the center of the ripples that expand outward, like when you drop a stone in a lake.

The success of your business depends on you because you are the creator of your business.

As your business grows, good habits will give you the power to adapt, innovate, and meet its potential. Even more importantly, to have fun while you do it.

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